Bogotá will have a plant that converts waste into energy

Bogotá will become the first city in Colombia with a Thermovalorization Plant in which inorganic waste is decomposed through heat, in a favorable process for the environment, since it generates low CO2 emissions and makes waste management efficient. converting it into energy.

This would be the second plant in Latin America with a model that is also being implemented in parallel in Mexico City.

“Those who believed that our Climate Action Plan and the POT are just regulations, today we show you another result, we are in the public property of Doña Juana where today we have two technologies, one the Biogas plant, the other the burying of garbage —which It causes us harm because it produces leachates, methane and greenhouse gases,” said the Mayor, Claudia López.

The president added: “Today we are announcing to the city that we will now have a third technology to treat waste that will reduce the environmental impact and generate energy for the city. With the plant we are fulfilling the citizens of Ciudad Bolívar, Usme and Tunjuelito who asked us not to continue bringing them garbage to bury it here, we are not going to continue expanding Doña Juana.”

The process begins on May 11 with the publication of the contract specifications, which will be available on the SECOP II public contracting platform for 20 business days. Subsequently, the specifications will be published and the public tender will be held, which will be awarded in September of this year.

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