Bolivia: coordination to apply census data is ensured by the three powers
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The Electoral, Legislative and Executive powers of bolivian They assured this Friday that they work “in a coordinated manner” so that the data of the census of population of 2024 are applied in the distribution of state resources and the reallocation of parliamentary seats with a view to the national elections of 2025.

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This position was made known in a joint appearance by the president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Oscar Hassenteufel, the Minister of Development Planning, Sergio Cusicanquiand the head of the Chamber of Deputies, the official Xerges Marketat the headquarters of the electoral body in La Paz.

“The organs Electoral, Executive and Legislative that will deal with the bill referring to the distribution of seats for the 2025 national elections work in a coordinated manner to provide certainty to the population”, points to a communiqué read by Hassenteufel.

After the explanation “in detail” received from Statistics National Institute (INE) on the census process, it was agreed “than the official population data issued for the distribution of co-participation resources” in September 2024 “They are enough for the TSE to start the job of distributing seats”indicates the statement.

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Later the legislative Assembly will approve the “seat distribution law” and the electoral body will continue “with the new delimitation of single-member constituencies” for the 2025 elections, he adds.

hassenteufel highlighted the work done on this day with cusicanqui and INE officials in coordinating to “Carry out everything related to work in the best possible way” of the Electoral body towards the next national elections.

To its turn, Market affirmed that the levels of coordination between these three state bodies “they are the best” and they have the “firm predisposition for the census to be carried out in a timely manner and for its results to be applicable” in the distribution of resources and space in Parliament.

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The deputy recalled that the Legislative will process a law “that can give greater guarantees in this regard by ratifying” as indicated by the presidential decree that set the census on March 23, 2024 “and complementing the issue of seats.”

Mercado insisted on asking the sectors mobilized by the census in the eastern region of Santa Cruz, the largest in the country, to cease the protests.

The redistribution of parliamentary seats on the basis of the census is one of the demands of the Bolivian opposition and Santa Cruz, the economic engine of Bolivia that has been on strike for 28 days for the prompt completion of the registration.

The census was scheduled for this month, but the Government of Luis Arce postponed it to 2024 on the grounds of technical problems and the need to “depoliticize” the process for the sake of the “quality” of the data.

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