Bolivian Foreign Minister: Summit is no longer a meeting point

Bolivian Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta criticized the Summit of the Americas this Friday for ceasing to be a meeting and exchange point for the countries of the region.


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“It is a pity that this integration space has ceased to be a meeting point for all the countries of the Americas. In a return to a gray past, the number of countries that were not summoned rises to three”, declared the diplomat during his speech in Los Angeles.

The foreign minister stressed that with the exclusion of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, the opportunity to exchange in pursuit of an understanding was lost despite the differences that may exist.

“The fact that the venue for this summit is the United States does not give it the power to make exclusions, undermining the charter of the United Nations and other fundamental documents for international relations,” he said in front of the conclave.

In this sense, Mayta declared that the nation he represents demands respect and demanded the application of non-intervention in the internal affairs of the States.

“That is why we reject the unilateral qualification of which country is or is not democratic because that arbitrariness is anti-democratic in itself,” he added.

Foreign Minister Mayta: “There is no transparency in the OAS of Almagro”

Bolivian diplomat Rogelio Mayta took advantage of his speech to point the finger at the Organization of American States and its Secretary General, Luis Almagro, for lack of transparency and for supporting destabilization in the region.

“There is no transparency in the OAS of Almagro. He participated in the coup. Fundamental changes are needed before it is too late. Rethink organizations that do not respond to the needs of the people”, he declared.

The Bolivian official pointed out that the OAS charter itself in its main postulate expresses the right of each country to choose its economic, political and social system without external interference, however, it endorses and supports anti-democratic actions.

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