Bolsonaro declares war on Petrobras and calls on Lira and Ciro to help

The president Jair Bolsonaro declared war on Petrobras. And he spared no effort between this Thursday, the 16th, and this Friday, the 17th, to show that he will try his interventionist ideas against the state oil company at all costs.

After starting the attack during his traditional Thursday live, the president tweeted this Friday, 17: “Petrobras could plunge Brazil into chaos. Its president, directors and advisers are well aware of what happened with the truck drivers strike in 2018, and the disastrous consequences.”

Bolsonaro asked for reinforcements, according to the column, and saw the mayor, Arthur Lirato echo their complaints: “The Federative Republic of Petrobras, an independent country and in a declared state of war against Brazil and the Brazilian people, seems to have announced the bombing of a new increase in fuel”.

The Chief Minister of the Civil House, Ciro Nogueira, then echoed: “Enough! The time has come. Petrobras is not one of its directors. It’s from Brazil. And it cannot, therefore, continue with such insensitivity, ignore its social function and abandon Brazilians in the biggest crisis of the last century”, said the most important member of the first echelon of the government.

Then, Nogueira added: “The government, Congress and everyone with responsibility have to put an end to this abuse of billionaire profits at a time when the company cannot turn its back on Brazil and Brazilians. Responsibility, yes. Lack of vision of the country and solidarity with the nation, never”.

In other words, Bolsonaro declared war on the state oil company and called on the minister of the Civil House and the president of the Chamber to help him.

The reason?

After strong pressure from the government, the board of the state oil company met this Thursday, 16, even during the Corpus Christi holiday. Bolsonaro wanted Petrobras to continue to hold fuel prices on account of the elections, but the council defined that any decision on the adjustment is the responsibility of the company’s executive board.

With the Council’s decision, contrary to the government and releasing the directorate from responsibilities, the state-owned company must announce new adjustments for both gasoline and diesel. Prices at pumps are lagged by the increase in the price of a barrel of oil abroad and, obviously, because of the rise in the dollar.

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