Tourists floating in a river, in Bonito.  (Photo: Archive)
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Amount charged will be R$ 7.00 per person daily, from December 12th

By Karine Alencar | 11/20/2022 17:18

Tourists floating in a river, in Bonito. (Photo: Archive)

Tourists heading to Bonito will have to pay a permanence fee to visit the municipality from December 12 of this year, as provided for in Complementary Law No. 162, published on December 21, 2021.

The amount charged will be R$ 7.00 per person per day for the TCA (Environmental Conservation Fee). Those who stay for 30 days in the region will need to disburse R$ 60 for the long stay period.

The charge will be made through a digital voucher issued by the travel agencies. When buying the tours, the visitor will have to present official documentation for registration and make the payment according to the scheduled days.

Children up to five years old are free. Residents of Bonito, on the other hand, need to provide proof of permanent residence in the municipality, whenever requested by tax agents, as well as workers and service providers.

According to the text, up to 20% of the amount will be allocated to public health for pre-hospital medical health care and life insurance while the person is in the municipality. The rest will be directed towards the conservation and maintenance of rivers, springs and streams, conservation of neighboring roads for access to tourist attractions, pollution control and preservation, final disposal of solid waste and other environmental conservation actions.

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