Bonus 2022: how to fill the cupboard and save up to 30%

In June, the first half of the supplementary annual salary (SAC), popularly known as bonus. Buy merchandise in large quantities in markets wholesalers to fill the cupboards is a famous Argentine anti-inflation tacticknown as “stocking”. Those who have applied it know that it generally allows much lower prices to be obtained and to anticipate a possible markup that, to be honest, It is not known when it will happen.

Nevertheless, there is a way to make this anti-inflation system work even better. The trick is based on being very well informed, as well as organizing to take advantage of promotions with a card that are valid in different shops and the specific days to be able to access important discounts.

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Apply that simple mechanism of taking the time and see how and where the purchases are going to be made, as well as the day that is most convenient can make the prices of the huge markets even more convenient than usual.

In June, the month in which the Christmas bonus is collected, there will be opportunities to go to the wholesaler and recover between 15% and 30% of what is spent on the purchase. In some cases, it will also be possible to save up to $6,000 when paying the rent in three interest-free installmentswhich in the face of inflation, which is expected to be high, can also be perceived as savings.

Promotions can be used in the most popular wholesale chains such as: Makro, Diario, Jaguar, Maxiconsumo and Nini. Likewise, those who have bank cards Nation, Macro, Mortgage, Credicoop and Superville, they will surely be able to access more offers and discounts. It is a matter of organization.

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Promotions of banks and cards in wholesalers

National Bank

Every Thursday until June 30, customers of the BNA will be able to access a 15% discount in the main wholesale supermarkets: Diario, Makro, Jaguar, Maxiconsumo, Nini, Blow Max, and 5 Brothers.

In order to access the benefits, the purchase must be paid through the application BNA+MPDO and select a participating credit and debit card (Visa and MasterCard) as a means of payment.

Those who access this promotion will receive a refund of up to $1,200 per week per account (over $8,000 paid). With which, who makes the most of this discount every Thursdaywill have managed to recover up to $6,000 throughout June that, has five days Thursday.

Macro Bank

Until June 30th, Macro customers have a 30% savings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in branches of the Yaguar and Makro wholesale chains.

The promotion is accessed by paying for the purchase with QR from the Macro application through MODO and choosing a credit or debit card from the bank as a means of payment. The return cap reportedly is $1,500 per transaction per month.

hipotecary Banc

Every Tuesday, with Visa Debit cards, customers of the hipotecary Banc you can buy:

At Punto Mayorista with a 25% discount and with the opportunity to save up to $3,000 in the month (for Búho One customers), $2,500 (for Salary Plan and Packs) or $1,000 (for the rest). In Makro with a 20% discount and with the possibility of recovering up to $1,200 in the month. At Nini with a 25% discount and a refund limit of $1,500 monthly per account.

Financing of NaranjaX

Every day the NaranjaX credit card offers its traditional “Plan Z” to finance in 3 installments without interest for purchases made in different supermarkets wholesalers. This possibility can be used until June 30 at branches throughout the country of the Diarco, Vital, Yaguar and Tadicor chains. Likewise, in those of Makro that are located outside the AMBA.

Credicoop Bank

On the second Thursday of each month the clients of Credicoop can access a 15% discount on wholesalers if they pay with a Cabal credit card. This time it will be June 9.

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Bench Supervielle

Every Tuesday in June, paying with Supervielle Visa Debit cards, customers get 25% savings on Nini, both in the La Plata branch and in the Moreno branch. With this benefit, according to the entity, it is possible to recover up to $1,500 per month and per account.

Italcred Discounts

Those who have Italcred cards can get: A 20% discount every Tuesday at Yaguar. A 20% discount every Saturday at Vital. In both cases, a withdrawal cap of $1,500 per day applies. And the promotions are valid for Cred, Cash, Plus and Class plastics.


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