Book Day: what are the 5 most read economics books in Argentina

The list made by ILHSA Groupcompany that owns the Yenny and El Ateneo bookstoresincludes a variety of contents that start from macroeconomics, business and personal finance. In fact, texts from self-help with an economic approach.

Top 5: What are the best-selling titles on economics?



Argentina First” – Martin Redrado

The text, in this case, focuses on explaining an economic plan which allows the country to “recover in the post-pandemic era.”

On the back cover, it states: “A plan to stop improvising in post-pandemic Argentina and avoid recurring crises that undermine internal and external confidence, thus achieving a stabilized economy, reduced inflation and poverty, and a start to end an inclusive path; virtuous and of sustained growth”.

Pandenomics– Javier Milei

from the party freedom advancesthe deputy managed to make this copy the second best seller in the whole country and making him one of the most read economists during 2021.

Create and ramble-Jeff Bezos

the founder of amazon reveals the fundamental principles that guided him in the creation, management and transformation of this company, establishing himself as the main ecommerce site worldwide and with which he became the richest man in the world.

Simple. An idea to transform the future” – Geronimo Frigerio

Throughout the reading, “a proposal is presented so that entrepreneurship, business development and working outside the informal sector become increasingly easier and cheaper throughout Latin America“.

Rich father poor father-Robert Kiyosaki

Included are the original teachings that the author best seller laid out in 1997 and a total of nine study sessions for the reader to use as a guide as they read along.

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