Boruto: Sakura Haruno, from the anime, gets amazing cosplay;  Look!

Naruto became one of the most famous anime of all time and featured a number of iconic characters over the decades of release.

And among the most famous is Sakura Haruno, who, in addition to being a big hit in Narutomaintains its popularity in anime Borutoin which he appears with a more mature look.

Thus, the artist known as Kalli decided to pay homage to the kunoichi from Vila da Folha and made an incredible cosplay of the character in Boruto. Check it out below!

Kalli recreated Sakura’s look in the Boruto anime in cosplay

Sakura’s pink hair and clothing design have always been her trademark, and it would be no different in Borutoas the creators kept the character’s style, but in a more mature way.

So, Kalli decided to pay homage to her favorite character from Naruto and shared on his social networks his newest Sakura cosplay, with the main elements of kunoichi well represented.


The reddish, sleeveless kimono and white pants, as the character wears in the anime, are the great highlights of the cosplay, due to their loyalty to the original outfit.

And, in addition to the wig and clothing, Kalli also took the opportunity to take her photos with a kunai, a weapon widely used in both Japanese animations.


Sakura is a very striking character and one of the biggest highlights of Naruto and Borutoand artist Kalli sure managed to deliver a great characterization of kunoichi in her cosplay, right?

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