Lyncon making gun sign.  (Photo: Social Network)
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Author and victim were talking moments before the crime

By Marcos Tenório | 11/18/2022 22:29

Lyncon making gun sign. (Photo: Social Network)

Lyncon Diogo Santos Santana, 19, moments before being killed with at least six gunshots, would be talking to the author on the night of this Friday (18). The victim was in front of a village of houses where the shooter lives, in Jardim São Conrado in Campo Grande.

Lyncon and the suspect were talking, and after the victim’s wife arrived at the scene, a discussion began between friends. Moment when the author got up and went to a bar in the region where he would have picked up the murder weapon.

He then returned on a motorcycle along with an accomplice. The suspect approached and fired several shots at Lyncon, only a few fell to the ground. He was hit by two shots that hit him in the chest and abdomen.

The suspect fled the scene after the crime. He would have already been identified by the police who have already started the search for the suspect. The Fire Department was triggered, but when officers arrived at the scene, the boy was already lifeless. Military Police, Civil Police and Experts were triggered.

What would have motivated the discussion is being investigated by the Civil Police.

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