Brain: science recommends avoiding this negative food for health
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3 ways to be more positive

Activate the brain chemicals of happiness

Adapt your lifestyle to activate those neurotransmitters. For that, I resorted to body movements to provoke positive thoughts:

  • Smile despite not wanting.
  • Hold both arms by over of the head, as if you were celebrating.
  • Move in a way that makes you happy: dance, swim, do exercise or, simply, smile.

The music it also helps a lot. Try tones and vibrations that give you laughter or a pleasant feeling.


be in the present

It is possible to learn to to concentrate in the Present and benefit from what this implies. This serves to hold the Calm down, don’t overthink things and improve taking of decisions. These are some training What can you do to think about now?

  • Focus on the breathing and count your breaths.
  • Pay attention to what you feel at that moment. The smells and flavors that you feel at that moment.
  • To meditate.

Have a good relationship with yourself

positivity is work internaltherefore it is necessary to have a good relationship with yourself to be able to carry this out.

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