Brain: science recommends avoiding this negative food for health
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And it is that he 80% of processed products that we can find in a supermarket contain sugars hidden that we consume without realizing it, being able to finally add in excess within the soft drinks, seasonings, canned foods, candies, jams, commercial soups, ice cubes, sauces, salad dressings, commercial mayonnaises, snacksamong other.

That happens since it is one of the resources cheaper and cheaper for the industry. For this reason, many associate it with the increase in obesity in the population around the world.


How the body reacts

Sugar, since it is a component lightweightis absorbed quickly by our body, generating a sharp increase blood glucose in blood. This in turn triggers a increased secretion of insulin through the pancreasthus accelerating the passage of sugars into the cells that then use them gas. By doing this process, blood glucose drops fast. So our body feel hungry again.

In any case, it is an even bigger vicious circle, which leads us to consume more carbohydrates Y sweet. On the other hand, it increases the levels of adrenalin Y cortisol which can then lead to emotional changes and of conduct.

When it comes time to distribute the glucose throughout the entire bloodstream, the brain is always the one with the priority above the rest of the organs, since the glucose is his main source of energy. And he uses it so much for maintain the activity of neurons that retains, as well as for the proper functioning of dopamine and serotoninboth cells associated with the moods.

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Important vitamins for the brain.

Important vitamins for the brain.

What results Right in adequate amountsresult harmful in excessEspecially for the brain. That vital organ can feel drowned by constant levels and of course sometimes abnormal of insulin. And finally can generate that brain stop working correctly.

It is also known that there is a very present interaction between systems metabolic and immunological. High blood sugar levels can trigger substances are released into the bloodstream proinflammatory (which are secreted by the immune system) such as interleukin 6responsible for generating a Chronic inflamation low-grade, but spread throughout the body and specifically to the brain.


In addition, the result of the investigation carried out by Scientific Reports in 2017which showed that those people who have a sugar consumption in excess they have a 23% with probabilities greater than suffer in the future brain and emotional disorderswhich can often lead to situations that are very more serious and irreversibleas well as disorders in other parts of your body.

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