Brain: What is neurofitness and how to practice it?
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What is neurofitness?

It is a method that tries to get your brain in shape and which is based on two concepts: the neurogenesis -process of creating new nerve cells- and neuroplasticity -ability of the brain to change its structure and remodel connections between neurons.

These exercises can be performed using a series of techniques that get the inactive areas of the brain become activehaving an additional processing capacity that will make the mind works better.



Neurofitness: How to practice it?

Do activities that were done before

Carry out activities that were done in the past, but for whatever reason they stopped doing, such as draw. This kind of activities reactivate brain connections that had fallen “asleep” due to years of inactivity.

Positive thoughts

Talk to yourself in a way gentle Y thank each other for the things that were done well. Gratitude activates Pineal glandin charge of generating melatonina hormone that allows you to sleep better.

binaural music

The binaural music, composed by sounds that cause brain waves to change, stimulates certain parts of the brain and can improve rest, concentration, and helps to calm down. Brain specialists recommend listening to it preferably with headphones and with the closed eyes.



The dream

Sleep is very important in brain health. During the break, the Cell regenerationand, if you do not rest well, residues of harmful proteins in the brain.

focused attention

The best thing for the brain is organization, and pay full attention to what is being done at all times. Mindfulness, which in recent times has been known as mindfulnesscontributes to enjoy things more, to do them better, to improve memory and rest.

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