Bravos de León fall to Diablos Rojos del México and lose the series

Lion.- With two tickets of terror for Braves of Leonin which he allowed 13 touchdowns, the team loses the series against Red Devils of Mexico.

There were no scores in the first inning, but in the second, the Braves took a 3-0 lead with runs from Framework Chicuate, Kevin The most Y Brandon Villarreal.

Subsequently, in the third inning, Diablos Rojos made seven runs with Julian Ornelas, Michael Wing, Moses Gutierrez, Japhet Amador, Carlos Gamboa, Edwin Espinal Y Emmanuel Avila.

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Until the sixth inning the board moved again with two annotations from Ramon Flores Y Carlos Gamboa for the Red Devils and with a home run, Jairo Perez he put up the fourth touchdown for the Braves.

In the seventh inning, Diablos made six more touchdowns with Michael WingMoisés Gutiérrez, Carlos Gamboa, Edwin Espinal and a home run by Julian Leonmade Ávila make a run to put the score 15-4 in favor of the red team.

Bravos de León fell in the third game of the series against Diablos Rojos del México

In the eighth inning, Michael Wing made the sixteenth touchdown for the Devils, while Charles Rivero he made the fifth for the Braves.

In the ninth inning Jose Camacho, Brandon Villarreal Y Daniel Cornejo they scored for Bravos, so the scoreboard ended 16-8 against the team from León.

With this defeat, plus this Wednesday, Bravos de León loses the series against Diablos Rojos del México.

This Friday will start the All-Star Game in the Mexican Baseball League and next Monday, June 20, Bravos will start the series against Puebla parrots, again on Sunday Santana.

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