"Brazilian Escobar"one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world, arrested in Hungary

Brazilian Sergio Roberto de Carvalho, known as “Major Carvalho” and considered “one of the biggest international drug traffickers today”, was arrested this Tuesday in Budapest, the Brazilian Federal Police said.

The also nicknamed “Escobar Brasileiro” was on Interpol’s red list, accused of leading a “criminal organization” dedicated to sending drugs to Europe, and in 2020 he even faked his death in Spain to escape justice in that country. .

Authorities suspect that “Major Carvalho”, a former military policeman from the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, runs a cartel that since 2017 has shipped at least 45 tonnes of cocaine from Brazil to ports in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France.

The Hungarian police captured him today in Budapest, in an operation that involved the collaboration of security agencies from several countries, according to a note from the Federal Police of Brazil.

The trafficker was carrying a false Mexican passport and did not put up any resistance at the time of his arrest, according to Brazilian media.

The “Major Carvalho” has managed to escape the European authorities in recent years.

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