Brazilian police rule out action by criminal group after death of journalist Dom Phillips and indigenist Bruno Araújo Pereira

The Federal Police of Brazil maintained this Friday that those suspected of murdering the British journalist Dom Phillips and the Brazilian indigenista Bruno Araujo Pereira in the Amazon they acted alone, without an intellectual author or criminal organization behind it.

The authorities considered this hypothesis given that Araujoofficial on leave of absence National Indian Foundation (Funai)had been the subject of various threats from illegal fishermen, loggers and even drug traffickers who operate in the so-called Valle del Yavarí, a remote Amazon region on the border with Peru and Colombia.

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In a statement, he noted that, even so, the investigations “point to the fact that the executors acted alone”although he clarified that new arrests must be carried out, since there are indications of the participation of more people in the murders.

The fisherman Amarildo Da Costa Oliveira, known as “Pelado”, confessed to having murdered Phillips, a longtime contributor to The Guardian, and Araujo after being intercepted practicing illegal fishing in the Yavari Valleywhere both disappeared on June 5 while sailing down the Itaquaí River.

After spending several days in detention, “Pelado” admitted the crime and led the police last Wednesday to the place where he supposedly buried the bodies of both, three kilometers into the jungle.

There, the authorities found human remains, which were transferred the day before to Brasilia and are being subjected to expertise to confirm their identity, a process that is estimated to take about 10 days.

The police also stressed in the statement that continues the search to locate the boat of the indigenista and the journalist, which, according to the version of “Pelado”, it was sunk with bags of earth to prevent it from being found.

The death of Philips57 years old, and Araujo41, has generated a global commotion and has exposed the threats that surround the jungle and the indigenous people of the Amazon, such as mining, fishing, poaching and drug trafficking.

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