Goddess with her black tup

Brenda Asnicar has a community of 1.2 million followers on their social networks, with whom he shares daily images of his travels and his work. Lately, the artist has been facing more towards the modeling side, after releasing his album Bandit during 2021.

Goddess with her black tup (Instagram / basnicar /)

Some days ago mentioned the possibility of going to live in Italy, more specifically in Milan, the capital of fashion. In her social networks, she shares her talent wearing the most incredible outfits.

Brenda Asnicar

Brenda Asnicar (Instagram/basnicar/)

This time the singer was very simple, with a black top, wavy hair and makeup with dark shadows. Looking at the camera she conquered the I like it of 32 thousand followers.

“Helloiiiiii.. Put hearts in the comments if you like this look”, he asked his followers. “Divine”, “Beautiful”, “Going to put you like”, “What a woman”, “Wow you are beautiful”, were some of the comments left by his admirers.

How old was Brenda Asnicar when she dated Carlos Tevez

A few years ago, the actress starred in a controversial romance with the footballer Carlos Tevez. It happened during the recording of the Ugly Duckling series, which made Brenda rise to fame. back then the singer was 17 years old and the footballer was 29.

In an interview, Jey Mammon asks him about his romantic past with the player: “What question! I have no idea, I don’t even remember. A century and a half passed. I think I already have like 17 more wrinkles since then”, was Brenda’s response. Given the age difference, she replied: “Nothing scares me. It is part of the past”

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