Brian Alexis Verna was killed by his grandfather who was released because of his age

Brian AlexisVerna He arrived last June 13 at his grandfather’s house Rosendo Lopez. He was trying to kick open his relative’s house, but ended up shot to death with a shotgun.

rosendo lopez He is a 77-year-old retired soldier who was rebuked that day by his grandson.

Brian AlexisVerna he had chased his grandfather who was traveling on a bicycle and the young man on a motorcycle.

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The young man reached his grandfather and began to beat him. The older man was able to shake off Brian AlexisVerna when a woman intervened.

However, hours later the young man again began to insist with shouts and kicks at the door of the house to enter and continue confronting his grandfather.

Brian Alexis Verna is shot dead by his grandfather in Argentina

Finally, the ex-military man comes out with a shotgun and shoots his grandson five times, who remains lifeless outside the house in Bahía Blanca in Argentina.

Sunday Faustin He was accused of the crime of homicide, but a judge decided to release him because of “his advanced age”, he is 77 years old.

The former soldier refused to testify on the recommendation of his lawyers and is now following the legal process outside of jail.

Mariel, mother of Brianaccused his grandfather of harassing his son and withdrew his medications.

“While he was with me I gave him medication,” he said. Marielbecause his son was psychologically unwell.

“They always blamed me, my parents never assumed that my son was mentally ill.”

(With information from Clarin)


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