Singer Nikolai Noskov

Singer Nikolai Noskov


Singer Nikolai Noskov appeared before the public for the first time in a long time. The artist, broken by a stroke, moves with the help of a walker. The composer Viktor Drobysh supported him by the arm.

Nikolai Noskov took to the stage of the Green Theater of VDNKh. 66 year old vocalist presented the audience’s favorite hits “Snow”, “I love you”, “Paranoia”. He performed seated.

Nikolai Ivanovich never fully recovered from the stroke. He remembers what happened a long time ago, but the upcoming events do not. But the fact that the artist stands on his feet and sings is a sensation.

Recall Five years ago, he was diagnosed with a terrible ischemic spinal stroke.. Doctors did not give any predictions. Experts warned that Nikolai Ivanovich could lose his speech forever. The musician got to the hospital only the day after the stroke. A blood clot was found in the singer’s cervical spine. Urgently, the musician underwent surgery.

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“The doctors immediately said: there is no guarantee that speech will be restored, there are very few chances. Everything will depend on me and, of course, on the quality of treatment. When I finally realized everything, there was a state of shock,” said the performer.

However, Noskov did not give up and worked hard. He re-learned to move, speak, play instruments. For a long time he was in the walls of the clinic. Then he was taken home. All the time near the artist is his wife Marina.

“Rehabilitation continues. Now restorative and maintenance procedures with us forever. Neuropsychologists, physical therapy, massages, needles, physio… Speech has not yet fully returned… Nikolai Ivanovich walks, but so far with a cane. In general, the doctors are shocked by his results,” the woman shared.

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