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Bruno Pereira denounced that Funai president works for ruralists

Resignation is 'see you soon' and a gesture to help the PSDB and the country, says Doria

Upon being exonerated in 2019 from the General Coordination of Isolated and Recent Contact Indians (CGIIRC) of the Funai, Bruno Pereira he was replaced by Pastor Ricardo Lopes Dias, a missionary who did not understand the policy of zero contact with these native peoples living in the Javari Valley, where the indigenist was murdered.

Interactions with these peoples in the past have led to tragedies, causing the death of up to 70% of the population of tribes from diseases such as flu or measles, because they have no immunity to the viruses and bacteria that non-indigenous people live with. Funai learned from its mistakes until it understood and put into practice the zero-contact policy – ​​this was in the 1980s.

With the new director in place, the risk was to break with the successful no-contact policy. This was one of Bruno Pereira’s main concerns, who several times brought this concern to the column.

In this revealing audio Bruno Pereira demonstrates not only that the ideological wing of the extreme right, commanded by Bolsonaro, took over Funai, but that Ricardo Lopes Dias “did not deliver the products” that the president of the Foundation, Marcelo Xavier, linked to the ruralists. , wanted in indigenous lands.

So, after a lot of pressure, the fundamentalist pastor began to sway in the post. This conversation was recorded a few weeks before Ricardo Lopes Dias left his post as head of CGIIRC, as the column showed at the time.

Listen to Bruno Pereira below:

“At Funai, he [Ricardo Lopes Dias] it’s a laughing stock. Whoever holds him is the evangelical bench, along with the damaris, huh? And it was already being built, the guy letting go, a hell of a bombing on the issue of isolated Indians. [Ele] don’t even know how to deal with it. And I think, here behind the scenes too, that he doesn’t deliver what the president [Marcelo Xavier] wants, the products that the president wants. The president is linked to the ruralists, right? And that’s where the ventures come in, like that, right? so the guy [Ricardo Lopes Dias] is ‘overloaded’”.

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In this second excerpt (listen to the first one here) of the recording published by the column, the indigenist also reveals the work behind the scenes of Pastor Damares Alves, former minister of Human Rights to keep the missionary Ricardo in office. The pastor stayed in the Isolated Indians and Recent Contact area for nine months, between February and November 2020.

THE column already denounced that Marcelo Xavier worked for ruralists within Funai. Learn more here.


The column has recorded conversations with indigenist Bruno Pereira about the risk situation in Vale do Javari, the many mistakes and the various persecutions that have taken place in recent years at the Fundação Nacional do Índio.

The conversations took place at my request and are the result of the relationship of trust established between a journalist and a source who, for several years, exchanged information, mainly during the government Jair Bolsonarowhen the Funai crisis worsened.

The column will bring excerpts in this space because Bruno’s warnings elucidate the environment of crime that this government allowed to spread across the Amazon, and are also an X-ray of the daily life of this institutional dismantling at the Foundation.

At the time we talked, it was for the non-disclosure of the source, but now Bruno’s voice is even more important to elucidate the serious facts in the Amazon region – more specifically in the Javari Valley, dominated by criminals.

It also deals with the cost to the countries of the dismantling of Funai in the Bolsonaro government, with the absence of the State and, now, the cruelty committed against the indigenist and journalist Dom Phillips.

Therefore, this column will not let Bruno Pereira’s denunciations die with him.

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