Brutal attack: hit men from a drug clan killed a teenager, her mother and a dog with 30 shots

SANTA FE.- A double crime in the western area of ​​Rosario adds to the dramatic statistics recorded by Greater Rosario, the most populated area of ​​the province. Hitmen ended last night with the life of a 53-year-old woman and her 15-year-old teenage daughter. Both died due to a “shocking shooting,” according to neighbors, in the vicinity of the hockey World Cup stadium.

Investigators do not rule out that a double homicide – which raised the fatalities of shootings recorded since last Sunday in Rosario and its surroundings to eight – could be linked to another murder recorded in March in the Los Graficos neighborhood.

Reports from the provincial security forces indicated that around 9:00 p.m., a group of unidentified people opened fire on a house located in 700 Ugarte. The two deceased women were found. At his side was a dog, the family pet, who was also killed in the attack.

The victims were identified as Carmen Noemí Villalba, 53, and her daughter Marlén Katalina Villalba, 15.

The reports you had access to THE NATION indicate that the attack was carried out by three men, who after shooting escaped in a white Chevrolet Onix car with tinted windows. Witnesses added that another vehicle, a silver gray Gol, seconded the first in the act.

“The attack was carried out with ferocity,” a source said. consulted this noon.

Investigators found at the scene 13 9mm-caliber shells, another 13 .380-caliber, 4 12/70-caliber shotgun shells and 9 deformed jacketed lead bullets.

At the same time, the medical examination carried out on the victims indicated that the girl had about 28 bullet holes; his mother was shot with a shotgun.

The double crime occurred a couple of blocks from the place where a few months ago they shot to death Martin Villalba and it is stated that both victims were relatives of that 35-year-old man, who was in a wheelchair when he was shot from a motorcycle on the afternoon of Friday, March 5, near the intersection of Yaguareté and Mateo Booz.

The case is in charge of the prosecutor of the Intentional Homicide Unit Georgina Pairola, who summoned the Criminalistics Cabinet and the Homicide Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC). In principle, there are doubts about whether the two women lived in the precarious house in front of which they were murdered.

A few hours later another body was found. The body was tied hand and foot and had a bullet wound to the head. For the investigators there is no doubt that this young man, whose details are still unknown, was executed at the scene of the discovery, a vacant lot located in the town of Pérez, 12 kilometers from Rosario and which is part of the same judicial district.

With this crime there are 137 homicides registered so far this year in the Rosario Judicial Departmentaccording to the Public Security Observatory.

Bullrich’s visit to Rosario

“Argentine politics must draw a clear, well-defined line between those of us who are in favor of fighting drug trafficking to the last consequences, and those who have complicit positions, favorable positions, positions in agreement with the drug trafficker, directly or indirectly,” said the President of Pro, Patricia Bullrich, visiting the city of Rosario yesterday. And she added: “Argentina bleeds because Rosario continues to bleed.” The former Minister of Security also warned about the penetration in our country of the First Capital Command (PCC), the main Brazilian gang.

“How can it be that Los Monos beat the security forces, the Santa Fe government, politics and Justice. We cannot allow that to happen, they are called the Monos or whatever they are called,” said Bullrich, who presented his national security proposal in Rosario.

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