Budget 2023: Government manages to replenish security resources in the Senate
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An intense day was repeated yesterday in the Senate in the framework of the discussion of the 2023 Budget, an opportunity in which the Government managed to reverse several of the reductions in resources allocated to security that had been approved in the Chamber of Deputies.

Given the above, these items corresponding to the Ministry of the Interior were left to be settled in a mixed commission during the next week.

The Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel, together with the deputy Minister of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, had to defend the indications of La Moneda in the Chamber, warning that in some cases they were inadmissible indications.

The Government managed to suppress what came from the Chamber regarding the fact that, charged to Interior resources, “free legal advice and defense should be provided in trials to victims of violent crimes.”

Then, an indication from the Executive was approved to eliminate an indication from deputies that established that in “budget year 2023, a salary readjustment process for non-commissioned officers must be implemented that considers, among other factors, the greater exposure to aggressions and the salary that can be obtain in private security companies”.

It was also intended to empower the National Migration Service to finance, from its budget, and up to $815 million, all the expenses necessary to execute and enforce the measures for the expulsion of foreigners issued by courts of justice.

A special case was related to an indication from the Executive branch that it sought to suppress the fact that a national anti-terrorism policy would be drawn up with resources from the Undersecretary of the Interior. Monsalve indicated that actions against organized crime are already being worked on, but that he has no problem with this norm prospering and, for this reason, he withdrew the change.

Setback for Segegob

The opposition managed to approve two indications that reduce the resources for the Ministry of the General Secretariat of Government and that caused the ruling party to accuse a breach of the protocol signed by the different political forces.

The proposals of the senator, Juan Castro (independent RN), which achieved support, allowed the item of the communications secretariat -under the tutelage of the Segegob- to be lowered from the original $1,582 million to $500 million; and in another, less than half the funds for goods and services of that ministry from $2,600 million to $1,000 million.

Castro accused the head of that department, Camila Vallejo, of having used those resources politically to campaign in the last constitutional plebiscite.

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