Despite Larreta's wishes, Vidal maintained that Ritondo is "the best candidate" to govern the province of Buenos Aires.

In the midst of a strong leadership dispute in Together for Change, the deputy and former governor of Buenos Aires, Maria Eugenia Vidalblessed once more Christian Ritondo What his candidate to govern the province of Buenos Aires from 2023, to the detriment of the bet of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Diego Santilli.

The person who is best qualified to be governor is called Cristian Ritondo, and he is a person who worked with me”, Vidal affirmed this Thursday in declarations to the program +Reality by LN+. While the internal sectors of PRO seek to strengthen their armed forces, the deputy thus positioned who was her Minister of Security.

Vidal whitened his differences with Horacio Rodriguez Larretawho promotes for the chair of La Plata the former deputy head of the Buenos Aires government and winner of the elections in 2021 in Buenos Aires territory, Diego Santilli. Vidal acknowledged that he had already exposed the situation internally and tried to downplay its effects.

Despite Larreta’s wishes, Vidal maintained that Ritondo is “the best candidate” to govern the province of Buenos Aires. File, Archive

I have already discussed it with him. I respect Diego a lot. We were teammates and we have worked together and it is very valuable”, stated Vidal. In addition to coming from the same party, both joined the government of Mauricio Macri in the city of Buenos Aires.

Although the opposition leader considered that “in the end the decision will be made by the people”, she insisted on the merits of her former minister, current head of the PRO bloc of deputies: “But I have no doubt that Cristian Ritondo can be a great governor for the province of Buenos Aires”.

The former president of Buenos Aires (2015-2019) had already publicly supported Ritondo as successor to Axel Kicillof in October, in the middle of the electoral campaign. She then affirmed that the leadership of her “her team” in the province of Buenos Aires was under the leadership of her former minister. In March, during Expoagro, she explicitly supported him in the dispute.

The decision implies a challenge for the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who last year had highlighted the qualities of his dauphin, Diego Santilli, to govern the province of Buenos Aires.

As published by LA NACION, the teams from both Ritondo and Santilli are looking for strengthen their territorial armed forces for next year and arrive more strengthened at the moment of defining candidates. Added to this scenario are the mayors of the PRO who are looking for a “Buenos Aires” candidate on the lists.

Santilli, Ritondo, and the mayors Javier Iguacel and Néstor Grindetti
Santilli, Ritondo, and the mayors Javier Iguacel and Néstor Grindetti

The discussion of the province of Buenos Aires is, however, a detachment from the national leadership discussion, where Vidal, Larreta, and the president of the Pro, Patricia Bullrich, also appear. In that sense, Vidal was more cautious this Thursday. “This is not the time to talk about candidates, it is not the most important thing”, he pointed out and added: “the important thing is the team and having a plan”.

Vidal also joined the criticism of the Government regarding the Venezuelan-Iranian plane for the lack of answers after a week, and related the event to the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman in 2015, still shrouded in doubt. “It’s very serious and it’s not a photo, it’s a movie”, he stated.

“It is a film where the agreement of the Memorandum of the Pact with Iran is, a film with two attacks before, where the death of Nisman is, and that last week had the President speaking in favor of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in the United States” , recorded.

In turn, the former governor of Buenos Aires made it clear that the arrival of the five Iranians and the 14 Venezuelans happened while Alberto Fernández claimed a place for the nations excluded from the Summit of the Americas, including Venezuela. And she pointed out that the president of that country, Nicholas MaduroHe was in Iran at the time. “Venezuela and Iran have just strengthened their strategic alliancealso last week ”, he emphasized.

The Venezuelan plane retained in Ezeiza in position number five of the airport
The Venezuelan plane retained in Ezeiza in position number five of the airport

Vidal also referred to the controversial statements by the head of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Agustin Rossiwho speculated on the possibility that the striking size of the crew could be due to “flight instruction”, an explanation that the Minister of Security, Hannibal Fernandez, asked not to rule out. “Don’t underestimate our intelligence. Neither ours nor that of all Argentines, ”she complained.

And he deepened: “More than ten days passed and neither the Ministers of the Interior, of Security, of Foreign Relations, nor the Chief of Staff they couldn’t tell us who the crew members are, what they came to do, and whether or not they have any links to an Iranian terrorist organization,” he protested. “They can’t tell us,” she insisted.

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