Mauricio Macri
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Macri returned from Europe in the middle of the pandemic at the end of August and, before concluding the 14 days of isolation that were in force at that time, he met in his villa Los Abrojos with the mayors of Pinamar, Martín Yeza; from Olavarría, Ezequiel Galli; and from San Antonio de Areco, Francisco Ratto.

The situation was criminally denounced as “violation of article 205 of the Penal Code”which establishes penalties of six months to two years in prison for those who “violates the measures adopted by the competent authorities to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic”.

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Mauricio Macri

Covid-19: Macri is denounced for alleged breach of quarantine

Macri had traveled with his family to France and Switzerlandfor vacations and recreation and also for his role as executive president of the FIFA Foundation.

Two weeks before that trip, the former president had been in Paraguay, in a meeting with the former president Horace Cartes and another with the current one, Mario Abdo Benitez.

Faced with a first declaration of incompetence in the case brought by Judge Culotta and the prosecutor Jorge Sica, Macri’s defense – led by Pablo Lanusse – opposed it and engaged in a conflict of jurisdiction that escalated to the Federal Chamber of Cassation.

In that instance, Macri challenged – as in other files – judge Ana María Figueroa, who declared herself a victim of pressure from the so-called “judicial table” of the Government of Cambiemos.

The recusal was unsuccessful and when the Cassation was preparing to resolve the question of jurisdiction, Macri’s defense agreed to the decision that the file be processed in the provincial court.

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The court that will intervene from now on is vacant, but is subrogated by Judge Mariano Grammático Mazzari, known for his intervention last February in the case of adulterated cocaine that caused the death of at least 24 people.

The drug adulterated with a substance called carfentanil was distributed at Puerta 8, a complex place located in the Buenos Aires district of Tres de Febrero.

Finally Grammático Mazzari declared the incompetence of his intervention in that file and sent it to the federal Justice.

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