Bulgaria: after the political crisis, chaos?

One thing is certain: yesterday’s vote will go down in the history books because it is the first time since the advent of democracy in Bulgaria that a government has been overthrown by a motion of no confidence.

These motions of no-confidence have not, however, been lacking – the Bulgarian section of the radio Deutsche Welle counted about thirty since 1989 – but none of them had managed to collect as many votes as that deposited a week ago by the party of former Prime Minister Boïko Borissov against the government of reformer Kiril Petkov.

The latter was thus disavowed by 123 votes, in a Parliament which has 240 deputies, to the chagrin of pro-Europeans in the country. It was to them that the Prime Minister addressed himself in a brief speech from the rostrum of Parliament, immediately after his dismissal:

“I promise you that we will continue the fight to regain control of our country. And that one day we will have a Bulgaria without backstage arrangements and without mafia. A normal, European and prosperous state!”

Quoted by the daily Dnevnik, he also named those who, according to him, worked openly or behind the scenes to depose him after barely six months at the head of the country: “MM. Peevsky, Borissov, Trifonov and Mme Mitrofanova.”

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