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Madrid Spain.- A public transport bus hit a building located at the intersection of Monte and San Nicolás streets, in Centro Habana.

The accident occurred this Thursday when the bus driver maneuvered to avoid a motorist, journalist Mario J. Pentón reported through Twitter.

No deaths or injuries were reported, but there was severe damage to the property.

In the images shared by various users through social networks It can be seen that a large part of the building’s façade was destroyed.

The bus of route A 60, number 8414 and belonging to the Provincial Transport Company of Havana, was also damaged by falling debris.

In the comments to the images, the users referred to the lack of rigor of the authorities when selecting the drivers of the public transport buses.

“This only happens because everyone is already a bus driver,” said Luis Alarcón.

For his part, Yosbani Almeida pointed out: “Family, the police have to stand up for the bus drivers. They run out of control. That bus passed me on the right that almost ripped a mirror out of me and almost everyone walks like that.”

“That is the fault of the whereabouts administration for putting anyone to drive. Those buses are new. It really is a crime, they have finished with everyone,” said Elisber Pérez.

Between January and May of this year in Cuba there have been 4,062 traffic accidents and more than 300 deaths, which represents a daily average of 27 accidents, two deaths and 30 injuries.

According to official data, this figure reflects growth compared to the years 2021 and 2020.

According to the Cuban authorities, the main causes of traffic accidents on the island are inattention by the driver, failure to comply with the right of way, and speeding. But the number of accidents and their mortality are also influenced by the poor condition of the roads and the country’s aging vehicle fleet, where cars over 50 years old travel. To this are added the poor signage on the streets, the lack of lighting and the little road education.

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