Buying pharmacy products is more profitable online
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The most popular online product categories are antipyretics, analgesics, antihistamines, and gastrointestinal medications. But disinfectants, such as sanitizers and antiseptics, as well as personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) have faded into the background. Compared to last year, they began to buy much less frequently. Instead, a variety of stress relievers, vitamins and general tonics showed significant growth.

“With the passage of a law in 2020 to allow the sale of over-the-counter medicines via the Internet, we are seeing a steady increase in online sales in this product category: demand for medicines and health products is increasingly shifting from offline to online, as consumers appreciate the convenience of buying necessary drugs,” says Tatiana Glazacheva, CEO of CloudPayments.

Buying online is not only convenient, but also profitable. It often happens that pharmacies make additional discounts on products if they are purchased online.

“Buyers on the Internet prefer to get the maximum benefit, and pharmaceutical organizations operating on the market provide this benefit: loyal customer clubs, bonus programs, provision of coupons for the first purchase, various promotions, and much more – all this contributes to an increase in purchasing activity,” said Associate Professor of the Logistics Department and Marketing of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Denis Zhiltsov.

Legislative amendments will come into force on March 1, 2023, allowing the sale of prescription drugs via the Internet. As a pilot project, the innovation will first spread to only three regions: Moscow, Belgorod and Moscow regions. If the practice turns out to be successful, in the future it will be possible to buy prescription drugs online throughout the country.

Experts note that such legislative changes will further increase the circulation of medicines on the Internet. However, it is too early to say that offline pharmacies will seriously lose their popularity.

“Some consumers – primarily older people – simply do not know how to shop online,” said Kirill Parfyonov, Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Economics and the Service Sector at Moscow University named after S. Yu. Witte. “Some of them do not want to give up their usual communication with a pharmacist at a pharmacy.From this point of view, an “intermediate” form of interaction with customers is interesting – ordering online with subsequent receipt of goods at a selected pharmacy, and privileges can be preserved and supplemented, for example, by the possibility of purchasing goods without a queue. did not brag about the successes and achievements of digitalization, there are still settlements in the country where there is no or almost no Internet. The most annoying thing is that it is there that online purchases would be most in demand.”

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