Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Photo: AFP)

Florida is becoming the ideological stronghold of US Republicans ahead of the midterm elections scheduled for November 8. The governor Ron DeSantis He signed a law Monday so that the state’s high school students receive instruction about “the dangers and evils of communism”.

It will be at least once a year. Every November 7, the school day will be dedicated to the memory of the victims of that ideology.

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The rule adds to another recent state initiative known as Don’t say gay (“Don’t Say Gay”) that restricts teaching about sexual orientation and gender issues in Florida schools.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Photo: AFP)

Ron DeSantis seeks his reelection for the midterm elections in Florida

The Republican governor signed HB 395 in the Freedom Tower, an emblematic building in Miami where the first exiles from Cuba were received in the early 1960s. De Santis was surrounded by officials and leaders of the Cuban community and exile .

By virtue of this law approved by the Florida Congress, dominated by the Republican Party, on November 7 the more than 100 million people around the world “victims of communism” will be remembered.

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Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ukraine and China were the most mentioned countries in the act led by DeSantis, who seeks to be re-elected for a second term in the November elections.

How Florida schools will teach “the dangers and evils of communism”

Florida’s new Commissioner of Education, Manny Diazof Cuban origin, will be in charge of supervising compliance with the law.

To do this, high school students will receive at least 45 minutes of class per year on communism starting in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Governor Ron DeSantis is seeking re-election this year
Governor Ron DeSantis is seeking re-election this year

In this framework, students will be taught how suffering is caused under communist regimes “through the suppression of freedom of expression, poverty, famine, emigration and systematic violence.”

Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez, also of Cuban origin, stressed that if there is a place in the world where the importance of freedom is known, it is Miami because of the many exiles it has received. In the only sentence in Spanish of the act, Núñez said that “Cubans, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans are united in the fight for freedom”.

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Núñez said that this legislation is “important” because “not only is it going to educate our children but also our children’s children.”

In Florida resides an important Cuban community whose vote is usually considered key to tip the balance in the elections.

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