Call of Duty Warzone for mobile enters closed alpha phase

Activision confirmed that the Call of Duty Warzone for cell phones is now in closed alpha. This means that the game has entered test phase limited to a certain number of players and testers.

In this phase of Project Aurora, codename of the game behind the scenes, players only have access to the game via direct invitation. The information was published on the series’ official website. Call of Duty.

On its website, the publisher said that its mission with the game is to “bring together friends, family and people around the world in a global community of players in a fast-paced, accurate and high-quality battle royale.” In addition, the company emphasizes that the mobile version in CoD Warzone will offer a “new way to play”.

In the post, the publisher made it clear that the participants of the closed tests should not publish information about the game and promised to release some news about the version of Warzone for cell phones coming soon. According to the publication, the closed alpha version is quite limited as the objective is to test the matches, find and fix bugs, make some adjustments and collect criticism and suggestions from testers.

Activision also took the opportunity to inform you that although the alpha test is currently closed to a certain number of players via invitations, the intention is to open this stage to more participants soon.

Call of Duty Warzone was released in March 2020 for PCs and consoles. The mobile version was announced in March of this year.

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