Oscar Ruggeri anticipated the announcement of Candela

Although for many people, pregnancies are a beautiful and worthy event to celebrate, they always come with a certain caution. It is prudent to wait a number of months before sharing the news and this level of care is heightened when dealing with a celebrity or public figure. In order to go through the process calmly and without the prying eyes of the public on them, many female celebrities choose to keep it a secret before making the big announcement. So was the case with Candela Ruggeri who, after several weeks of silence, had to confirm that he is in the sweet wait after Oscar, his father, said it on the air during F90 (ESPN).

“I am going to be a grandfather”, shot Oscar Ruggeri in the middle of the ESPN program hosted by Pollo Vignolo. And he added: “from Candela”. The study was filled with exclamations of celebration and congratulations, which quickly gave way to a growing doubt: Cande had already broken the news? Half worried and half indignant at the questioning, he replied: “I don’t know if you could say, I think so. Do you know how long it’s been since they told me? and I come here, I bank it. I saved enough.”

Within the celebrity environment, it is common for pregnancies to be open secrets and for those who know, to say so only when the mother breaks the silence. Nevertheless, Ruggeri was carried away by happiness and emotion and ended up whitewashing it prematurely. At the time of the slip, the daughter – who was very active on social networks – called for silence and did not comment on it.

Oscar Ruggeri anticipated the announcement of Candela

Hours later, Ángel de Brito welcomed the audience of THE M (America) and conducted an exclusive interview with the mom-to-be. Over there, He had the opportunity to confirm the pregnancy and, in turn, talk about his father’s sayings.

Radiant, Cande Ruggeri gave the present in the entertainment cycle through a video call. You could tell from her expression that her happiness outweighed her disappointment at Oscar’s early revelation, but anyway, He made a disclaimer about it and did not hide the annoyance he felt when he saw the moment live.

Oscar Ruggeri revealed the happiest news about his daughter Candela

“I wanted to tell you now but they always say that you have to wait three months, for the most important echo of all. She was waiting for that. But I did the studies and the next day it leaked, ”she said, in relation to the fact that many journalists dedicated to the show found out even before she herself said it. “Not even my mom knew and it had already been leaked,” she said, as surprised as she was outraged.

As for his father, he said: “He called me 20 times and I didn’t pick up once.” He even doubled down, adding: “I don’t know if I’m going to celebrate Father’s Day”. The anger was short-lived, because immediately after she began to talk about the process she went through before pregnancy with the ever-present smile.

“No one expected it. With Nico -Nicolás Maccari, his partner since 2018- We started looking for him with a lot of love and we didn’t want to tell anyone. We wanted it to be ours And, well, it came,” he said. Although they still do not know the sex or have thought of names, he assured that they are very excited about this stage that is coming.

Cande Ruggeri with Nicolás Maccari
Cande Ruggeri with Nicolás Maccariinstagram @caleruggeri

After the officialization, the future parents shared the photo they took along with the positive pregnancy test on their social networks. “Our hearts explode with happiness. We wanted to wait a little longer but Grandpa beat us to it hahaha. We love you son, here we wait for you with much love”they wrote by way of description.

This is how they started a process that they will live accompanied not only by their loved ones but by thousands of fans who will witness the step by step.

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