Tiago Botelho at an event over the weekend (Photo: Disclosure)
Tiago Botelho at an event over the weekend (Photo: Disclosure)

Currency trading – PT candidate for the Senate, Tiago Botelho, promises, if elected, to share his eight-year term with the alternates. The offer is attractive. Each one of the two substitutes will have “direct” to six months in the Senate, with everything that the elected member is entitled to, paid by the taxpayer. One has already been chosen, is businessman Bruno Miguéis, PT from Corumbá. The other is still being sought. The preference is for a woman from Campo Grande.

Virtual – In nine months, the Judiciary of Mato Grosso do Sul received 1,800 complaints from citizens that were transformed into lawsuits (judicial terminations) by video call. Since August of last year, by order of the judge Alexandre Bastos, chairman of the Supervision Board of Special Courts, all actions presented by the jurisdictions, without the intermediation of a lawyer, started to be done in a virtual way.

Everything is copied… – Trying to paste in the marketing campaign of the pre-candidate for the state government, federal deputy Rose Modesto (União Brasil), the pre-candidate for federal deputy Sindoley Morais (União Brasil) copied the idea of ​​the slogan “#ÉEla” and changed it to the male gender.

Isolated – The State Secretary of Government, Eduardo Rocha, tested positive for covid-19 on Sunday (8). He has mild symptoms, but will be isolated with his wife, senator and MDB presidential candidate, Simone Tebet, at home. With the agenda cancelled, she should take the exam this Tuesday (10) and only in case of negative, she will return to active.

From MS to Rome – The delegate, Ana Cláudia Medina, director of Dracco (Department for Repression of Corruption and Organized Crime) of the Civil Police of Mato Grosso do Sul, is in Rome, Italy. She was the guest of the George C. Marshall European Center For Security Studies to participate in the new stage of the International Forum on Combating Transnational Organized Crime. She participates in the meeting of public security professionals from 11 countries.

First Conviction – Confessed murderer of student from Mato Grosso do Sul, Marco Vinício Bozzana da Fonseca, 25, who lived in Curitiba (PR), José Tiago Correia Soroka, 33, was sentenced to 30 years in prison. The first conviction is the final result of the process for the death of Robson Olivino Paim, 36 years old. The criminal will still be tried for the crime committed by the young man who left Mato Grosso do Sul to study Medicine.

preparation – The Municipality of Campo Grande is authorized to offer preparatory courses for the entrance exam. The idea is that the free classes give students from public schools a chance, with a monthly family income of up to 3 minimum wages, to compete on an equal footing with concurseiros who prepare in private schools. The authorizing law, which does not oblige the government to take the project off the ground, was sanctioned by Mayor Adriane Lopes (Patriota).

vote – Four projects forwarded by the Municipal Executive should be voted on, this Tuesday (10), in the Chamber of Campo Grande. Among the proposals signed by the city hall are those that make changes to the Pluriannual Plan and those that deal with donations of public areas.

Resources – Soon, the Metropolitan Civil Guard of Campo Grande should invest R$ 432,750.00 to buy new vehicles. Sesdes (Special Secretariat for Security and Social Defense) adhered to the price registration minutes of Sejusp (State Secretariat for Justice and Public Security) whose supplier is the company Dismoto Distribuidora and should soon carry out the acquisitions.

Awareness – Governor Reinaldo Azambuja (PSDB) sanctioned a law that creates the Colorectal Cancer Awareness Program, in order to encourage people to take precautions by periodically undergoing exams.

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