Canosa left A24: who came out to support his resignation on social networks

Viviana Canosa had anticipated that in his program this Friday they would show a video against Sergio Massa, but he never did, because shortly before it went on the air he announced that resigned, because A24 had prevented him from showing those images. The channel, for its part, clarified that the decision had to do with promote “social peace”.

The latter did not prevent many from labeling the Grupo América movement as “censorship” and there were several messages, both from politicians and journalists, who supported the decision to Viviana Canosa. “Freedom requires that you fight for it. There is no right if you don’t fight for it. Thanks for doing it,” he wrote. Federico Pinedo to the journalist on Twitter. Former President Mauricio Macri also sent him support:

“We cannot accept any kind of censorship of the press, not even covert censorship with good intentions. It is a throwback to ignorance, a punishment that promotes silence. We accept the cost of being free or we accept the consequences of not being free. I am with freedom”, were the words he chose Mauricio Macri to support Canosa.

Patricia Bullrich He hastened to show his solidarity and pointed out: “I bank you with my heart, Viviana Canosa! We live in freedom and democracy. We want uncensored journalism!” “Freedom of expression is the basis of all the others, without it all the others are threatened. We must not tolerate the subjugation of her, ”he added. Stephen Bullrich.

“There is no democracy without freedom of expression. All my support for you and the whole team, Viviana Canosa,” he tweeted. Roberto Garcia Moritan. While Gerard Milman indicated: “All my support for Viviana Canosa in the face of the reprehensible act of censorship of which she and her entire team have been victims. With the president of the Commission on Freedom of Expression, Waldo Wolf, we are going to invite her to address this issue that worries us so much.”

“Solidarity with La Vivi, the ‘diva of Almodóvar with the passion of Joan of Arc’. Without strategic intelligence, in America they caused unnecessary harm to the Minister of the Economy, who should be more careful of his ‘friends’”, he pointed out. Jorge Assisi with cynicism.

“I furiously bank the brilliant Viviana Canosa. She is crazy that she has been censored and that she leaves the channel for wanting to publish a report that could make someone uncomfortable. In FREEDOM you say what you want and you take the consequences later, but never prior censorship, ”he stressed. Javier Miles.

The journalist Gabriel Levinas indicated: “Viviana Canosa decided not to do her program because they prohibited her from presenting a report against Sergio Massa. We have to be alert, Massa is already showing the thread. Absolute solidarity with Viviana”. Baby Etchecopar, Eduardo Feinmann and Diego Leuco also added their support.

For his part, the cartoonist Nick was blunt: “Sergio Massa’s achievements so far. In economics nothing, but he took the news channel A24. He downloaded it to Viviana Canosa -It’s not on the air- and Baby Etchecopar is mysteriously ‘on vacation’. The last stage of populism in action: censorship. #VivianaConVos #BastaBaby”.

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