Buses stopped at Viação Cidade Morena this Tuesday (Photo: Direto das Ruas)


Without payment, employees announce strike and users are taken by surprise

By Ana Oshiro and Gabriel Neris | 06/21/2022 06:21

Buses stopped at Viação Cidade Morena this Tuesday (Photo: Direto das Ruas)

This Tuesday (21) there will be no public transport in Campo Grande. The strike was not announced in advance and took many users by surprise. The decision to stop was taken by the Collective Transport Workers Union and, according to President Demétrio Freitas, the strike will last indefinitely.

According to Demétrio, the vehicles do not leave the garages today, even if payment is made this Tuesday, and the only conversation they had with the consortium was the notice of non-payment. To ensure that the stoppage, Demétrio arrived at 2:30 am at the Jaguar garage, in Vila Bandeirantes, to prevent the car used to pick up the first drivers from leaving the place. Employees who work in the garages and administration are released from the strike.

“We were taken by surprise, the ticket is absurd and they still let us down. I had to ask for an uber, I’ll pay almost R$ 40.00 and I don’t earn that in a day’s work. In the end, we are at a loss” , said Adriele Oliveira, who uses public transport and always takes bus 307/308 at Coophamat.

The decision to paralyze services was taken after Consórcio Guaicurus sent a letter to workers announcing that the group’s financial situation is “very serious” and there would be no conditions to settle “unavoidable” commitments, such as payment of employees and suppliers. The transfer of the voucher referring to 40% of the workers’ salaries was not carried out this Monday, according to the consortium’s lawyer.

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