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Photo: German Pomar

The Governor of Chaco Jorge Captainichaffirmed this Friday that the members of the Frente de Todos (FdT) must “listen to each other” because “The country requires a great political, economic and social consensus”.

“I recommend that we all listen to each other because Argentina requires a great political, economic and social consensus to meet objectives that allow us to solve problems in a world of great uncertainty, volatility and crisis,” Capitanich said in statements to the radio. National.

“I recommend that we listen to each other”he insisted, hours before Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s visit to Chaco to receive an honorary doctorate from the National University of the Austral Chaco (Uncaus) and to speak on ‘State, power and society’.

In this framework, he pointed out that “those of us who objectively have a different vision than the libertarians have to unite wills because the dispersion of the wills of those of us who believe that the State is capable of adequately regulating the institutions of the economy, it only benefits those who do not care about anything and only want the individual well-being of a few”.

On the other hand, Capitanich referred to the opposition spaces: “If one analyzes the case of Cristina Fernández, it is a study. When she doesn’t speak, they criticize her for her silence, and when she does, they criticize her for what she says. We must generate a consensus capacity that involves everyone.

“We must not play the game of those who are against our government. We cannot be giving our opinion on each sentence and make an interpretation of each one of the sentences. We cannot always enter into the tricky dialectical game of opposing voices to which it suits them that the institutions do not work”, he concluded.

Regarding Cristina Kirchner’s speech, the president of Chaco said that “her vision is very important because of her experience and in her capacity as vice president. It is a great contribution in these times for democracy and debate in the world.”

“Your vision in the debate on these issues for democracy is very important because at the global level we are going through a moment in which the mutation of the classical liberal model with greater disregard of the State to the neoliberal model that appropriates the State to give greater benefits to the who have the most and excluding the rights of the majority is giving way to a debate on anarcho-capitalism and, in this sense, the debate is taking place on the left and on the right,” he added.

The Vice President will appear this afternoon in the city of Resistencia, where she will speak and receive the honorary doctorate from the National University of the Austral Chaco (Uncaus).

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