Caramel is preoccupied with the thought of retreat

Ferenc Caramel Molnár also spoke about the passage of time, his birthday and the possibility of his retirement in Duna TV’s show Ridikül. The Péter Máté Prize-winning singer said only her family insists on celebrating her birthday, if it depended on her, there would be no event out of it.

He also deals with anniversaries for the sake of his little daughter and wife. Instead, it prefers to celebrate tangible, rewarding events, such as the release of an album or winning awards.

But over time, you’re already preoccupied with whether you want to engage in singing for the rest of your life.

Now, at the age of 40, I was wondering if I wanted to work as a singer for the rest of my life. I realized not necessarily. Everything is constantly changing and I am interested in so many things

Quotes the Blikk the singer. Caramel added: he was not given to study, he grew up in a gypsy settlement. He feels this is a big shortcoming and he is constantly working on his thirst for knowledge. And in his reflection, he realized he was far from sure that he would want to stay a singer forever.

He also contributed to this conclusion by saying that in his opinion, the career in the performing arts is unpredictable and that he sometimes finds the changes in the technological revolution mentally burdensome. For the time being, it is also a question for him how he will be able to leave the profession in good health.

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