Carlitos Balá's last birthday: how was the tribute of line 39
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It will be very difficult to extirpate from the popular speech of Argentines phrases like “What is the taste of salt?”“Ea-ea-ea pe-pe”, “Sucutrule”, “Zazaza zazazá”, “Mom, when are we leaving?” either “Faster Than a Firefighter”, because they are part not only of an age identification; They are also suitable for certain situations in which the complicity of ideas is evident without having to give further explanations.

Carlos Salim Balaa born on August 13, 1925 in the porteño neighborhood of Chacaritathe son of a Lebanese immigrant and an Argentine of Croatian descent, began performing jokes and puns to passengers of line 39, partly for overcome shyness and gain experience.

Line 39, like every year, pays homage to Carlitos Balá, “Our Most Famous Passenger”, depending on the transport company. “90 years ago Carlos Salim Balaá was born in the neighborhood of Chacarita, who later shortened his name and became known as Carlitos Balá. Although in the beginning he performed monologues and jokes passengers on bus line 39, later that allowed him to engage with the publicovercoming their shyness and gaining experience,” they say on their website.

This year’s tribute was held on Friday at the head of the Jorge Newbery Avenue, Chacarita. In front of the property, they installed a sculpture of Carlitos Balá illuminatedwhose author is the artist Alexander Marmo.

The work was inaugurated by the president of the company, Javier Lopezand the national deputy, Gisela Marchiotta. Also present were the relatives of Carlitos, who received the scale work to take away the memory.

carlitos bala.jpg


In 2013the line used decals on the sides and lunettes to honor Carlitos. Meanwhile in 2015they applied decals on most windows. In this regard, Balá assured that “today, with the passing of the years, of time, I feel with the same energy as when I started on Line 39playing the different characters, and when the bus drivers discussed among them to see who was taking me. They are memories that will never be erased.

The message of line 39 for the death of Carlitos Balá

The well-known bus line expressed its condolences to the television comedian’s family for the news through a photo on Instagram: “With great sadness we say goodbye to Carlitos Bala, our most famous passenger, who began his career in our groups. See you always Carlitos!”

Carlitos Bala line 96.jpg

Meanwhile, in 2009Bala was declared Outstanding Personality of the Culture of the City by Buenos Aires Legislature and, in 2017, honored at the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation. The television comedian seems not to fight against time but Let the time passanchored in that past attitude that sustains its validity.

“I am a happy guy making people laugh, I always made them laugh and I thank you for remembering Carlitos Balá”stated upon receiving the diploma that accredited him as an Illustrious Citizen and that it was nothing more than confirmation of the affection that he still arouses in the new generations.

The animator achieved numerous successes in radio, television, film, theater and music. And she got tired of racking up prizes Martin Fierro since the beginning of his television activity, in addition to an honorable mention in the awards Starfisha tribute in the Gardel awards and the declaration of “Ambassador of Peace” in the Vatican.

In the mid-1950s, he had his first opportunity to demonstrate his vocation for making people laugh and, after a casting with Delfor Dicassolo -owner of “The dislocated magazines”-, was part of the cast of that famous comedy show, broadcast by Radio Splendid -where he composed a very nervous character that won the sympathy of the audience-, and then formed a humorous trio with Jorge Marchesini and Alberto Locattiwhich was but a springboard for crafting a style and your individual career.

On television he worked in “The Musical Telekermese”“The Antonio Prieto Show”, “The Paulette Christian Show”, “Telecomics”, “Corrientes Street”, “The Super 9 Show” and, already as headline, he established himself with “Balamycina”, “El Soldado Balá” , “Bala’s fringe”, “Bala’s clan”, “Balabasadas”“Carlitos Balá’s circus show”, “Carlitos Balá’s magic circus” and “The Carlitos Bala Show”.

hit the big screen with “Canuto Cañete, conscript of the 7”“Canuto Cañete private detective”, “Canuto Cañete and the 40 thieves”, “This is joy!”, “Brigade in action”, “Uncle Disparate”, “The tent of love”, “How beautiful is my family!”, Among other films. And his last film, “Three Merry Fugitives”shot in 1988.

His discography is more than abundant and curiously it did not appear at the beginning of his career but only in 1971with “Carlitos Balá’s circus show”followed by “El show de Carlitos Balá”, “Papá Balá”, “And how does salt taste?”, “Here came Balá”, “A gesture of idea”“The hits of Carlitos Balá”, “The best of my repertoire” and the most recent “The most beautiful songs of Carlitos Balá”. The sales successes were never alien to him.

In recent years he made circus tours by the Argentine provinces; in 2009 she accompanied the clown Fixed Gear at his show; and in 2011 she participated with the child driver Laura Franco at the show “Panam and Circus” as a special guest. Despite the passing of the years, he acquired an unusual role.

His life was reflected in a book, “Here Came Balá – The fabulous life of Carlitos”written by Ruben Carrera, self-titled “her number 1 fan”. He compiles the most significant of the artist, from his childhood and early youth, his consecration as a popular artist and the permanence of his figure.

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