Carlos Maslatón compared Karina Milei with "Lopez Rega" and Javier Milei had to deny a false tweet

Low attendance at the event Javier Milei of friday Future exposed the discrepancies that throbbed in La Libertad Avanza. The libertarian intern was red hot after the public exposure of the militia “pointer” Carlos Maslaton about Karina, the sister of the “anti-caste” presidential candidate, and about the publicist Carlos Kikuchi, also close to the economist’s campaign.

“All the liberal militants of the Argentine Republic support Javier Milei President 2023 to death. But none of us is going to accept any order more than karina milei, cheap and ignorant dictator in all respects, nor the infiltrated traitor of Carlos Kikuchi“, was the flammable message that Maslatón tweeted last Saturday.

Maslatón’s diatribe came as a result of the small amount of public that came to Gerli, in the south of the Buenos Aires suburbs, to support the act that opened the tropical singer the dippy and that Javier Milei himself closed. The deputy avoided responding to the opinions of the former UCedé referent, who for months has expressed his unconditional support for La Libertad Avanza but from an inorganic, non-party position.

Milei even had to go out to clarify that she did not attack Maslatón as a result of a false tweet that made the climate even more rarefied. “I am sorry that they make false tweets and that they do not take the trouble to check my Twitter that said tweet does not exist. I have too many issues to deal with while traveling the world to talk about liberalism to waste time on marginals with the need to appear, “was Milei’s clarification on the bird’s network. Her message quoted a tweet fake where Maslatón was accused of being a “fat sword swallower” and threatened for speaking ill of his sister.

last night in C5N, Maslatón returned to compare Karina Milei with José Lopez Rega and was alarmed by the direction of the libertarian party. “I reiterate. I’m not going anywhere and now, at this moment, I’m making it clear to Milei which is the way out to the intern. He has to remove Kikuchi and make his sister his personal secretary.. She does not have to lead the movement. Because if she continues like this, she will end up with political disappearance, ”she said.

The floor that was expected in El Porvenir was 10,000 people and the attendance was between 1,000 and 1,500. “It was a lazy act“, said this Sunday, June 12, Maslatón in dialogue with Conflict of interests. The financial analyst took C5N his version of the intern that confronts him with Karina Milei and Carlos Kikuchi, the latter a point guard from La Libertad Avanza.

What does Milei’s stumble represent?

Maslatón exposed the libertarian internal

Financial adviser and constant tweeter, Maslatón maintained that his presentation on the internal fracture was not related to the extremely poor attendance at the event, but to a tweet from Kikuchi. “To think that Mileísmo can be done without Javier Milei, is not just a lack of respect for those who, from solitude, put Liberalism and Morals at the center of the Argentine debate. but it is reckless, irresponsible or enveloped. VLLC”, one of the many Milei shipowners had maintained, a message that Maslatón interpreted against him.

However, the lawyer’s message was surprising due to his attack on Karina Milei, her brother’s right hand and future First Lady, according to the deputy in the event of being elected President in 2023.

CoinX, the alleged ponzi-crypto scam promoted by Javier Milei, under investigation by the CNV

Karina is Kikuchi and Kikuchi is Karina. Not to be deceived. Isabel was López Rega and López Rega was Isabel. We, Allies Advance, are national-syndicalism. The leader Milei (Perón) must react. Before the Karina-Kikuchi Axis leads to irreversible catastrophe,” Maslatón shot, also from the Twitter account where he has 181.6 followers.

Jose Lopez Rega was part of the environment Juan Domingo Peron in Puerta de Hierro, during his exile in Spain, and also when the General had his third presidency in the 70’s. In addition, he was the one who decided to create the so-called Triple A that persecuted and executed the communists of the movement.

Maslatón’s comparison is strong. After the death of Perón and the rise of Elizabeth Martinez to the presidency, López Rega, who was called “El Brujo” because of his links with esotericism, became the most influential voice in the Elizabethan cabinet, later dethroned by the military dictatorship of 1976.

“Karina Milei can perfectly be the First Lady in the Presidency of Javier Milei. What she cannot do is lead the Liberal Movement and much less be the head of the Execution Wall of the militants that she does not like because she did not like them “well”, ” Maslaton concluded.


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