Carlos Melconian warned that the IMF expects "a new administration" in 2023

Charles Melconian analyzed this Wednesday, May 4, the perspectives of the Argentine economy and renewed his criticism against the ruling party, after affirming that the IMF “is waiting for another administration” since the Government, according to the organism’s diagnosis, “It’s not going to solve anything.”

His statements were made on the program in two voicesin whose debate the former head of Banco Nación once again charged the inks against the government of Alberto Fernández. the IMF “is waiting another administration to see how your loan matches”, slipped the economist.

With an eye on the 2023 scenario, Melconian anticipated that the next government will have to “have the entire issue of debt in mind, not only the Fund but also the bondholders, the debt in pesos that this Government has increased considerably and the debt of the Central Bank”, he observed.

Carlos Melconian: “It is an honor that Patricia Bullrich thinks of me as Minister of Economy”

The former official stated that the government of front of all He aspires at most to fulfill the mandate and reach 2023 “without additional complications.” “It is a period of mandate where it must prevail survival instinct of the government in general”, he criticized on the screen of TN.

In this sense, the economic prospects will be conditioned in the future by the difficulties that the current management “delegates” to the subsequent administration: “It leaves everything to the one who comes. I would say that leaves a ‘bolonqui’ because the initial conditions of your program are, in the best scenario, this”.

Energy and inflation: the shortcomings according to Melconian

Charles Melconian once again failed to drive Martin Guzmanwhose situation is aggravated by lack of political support: “It does not have good management, in terms of growth and inflation.”

“We have 50 (percent) inflation and poverty has doubled. What is more forceful than that,” he argued.

Added to inflation is the problem of the energy sector and the lack of reaction from the government of Alberto Fernández: “The Ministry of Economy is currently focused on the debt and then Energy ‘rained’ through the window”said the economist

Although he avoided commenting on the growth of Javier Mileievaluated the possibilities open to the opposition to return to the Casa Rosada in 2023: “The opposition will have to accommodate itself, have a candidate and the courage to know that it has almost a penalty without a goalkeeper. And you will have to solve your problems in the most intelligent way, “he anticipated.


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