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Carlos Tevez was presented as the new DT of Rosario Central: “We can make history”

The family of Carlos Tevez, in the first row at the press conference.  (Photo: TN)

Carlos Tevez He began his coaching career on Tuesday. After confirming his retirement as a professional soccer player, the Apache had the initial kick in what is his first experience as a DT in Central Rosary. His landing generated great expectation in the fans of his new club, but also in all the followers of Argentine soccer.

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It was a hectic first day for Tevez, whose arrival at the club was announced in the morning with a video on social networks. During the day he not only had his initial meeting with the players at lunch and he directed his first practice -which was behind closed doors- at the Arroyo Seco venue, but also gave a press conference.

“My first challenge as a coach is in Rosario Central because of its people. I had many offers from different clubs, but Rosario have that plus of the people”, assured the Apache. And he was confident: “If we do things right, we can make a lot of noise and a lot of history.”

Asked about the versions that ran in the last few hours, the brand new coach of the Canalla firmly maintained that he has not yet asked for any reinforcement and that he first wants to observe the current members of the squad.

“I know what a classic means, more so in this city. I played it in the country and here it must be crazy. I am aware of what we are playing”, he pointed out when asked about the expected match against Newell’s, which will be on the ninth date.

Finally, he confirmed that Carlos “Chapa” Retegui will be part of his work team once he leaves the position he currently has in the City Government and announced that the campus will move to Buenos Aires in the next few days to carry out a mini-preseason at the AFA venue in Ezeiza.

“We have to work double or triple shifts to get where we want. It’s going to be to get to know each other and implement a game idea, ”she specified.

Carlos Tevez is presented as the new DT of Rosario Central

The best phrases of Carlos Tevez at a press conference

  • “I fully trust that my group and I can do something nice with Rosario Central”.
  • “To grab Central I had to see the squad they had, I trust these players a lot. I haven’t asked for any player yet. For the fan, the last name Tevez is unknown, but that opens up a lot of things”.
  • “Many things were said that are not true: I haven’t asked for any backup. A year ago I stopped playing and when a coach arrived I didn’t like to talk about reinforcements, so on the other side I respect that a lot. I want to see the boys, to show me that they want to play in Rosario Central. After that we will evaluate the positions to reinforce with my team. Before doing a scanner of the team we can not bring anyone “
  • “Now I think about doing my best on Friday so that the hand begins to be noticed. It’s almost impossible but we’ll try.”
  • I didn’t want to grab other clubswhen they called me from Central I said I wanted to hear that proposal”
  • “We have to search for identity, DNA as a team. People feel that they feel identified. We have to work to find the team, it’s the most difficult”
  • I want a change of attitude, in this club that is not negotiated. Whoever has to play has to show it in every training session and match. Whoever doesn’t, should talk to the president who has the doors open to leave. This club is a sleeping giant that we have to wake up. We have to take it to another step, to compete”
The family of Carlos Tevez, in the first row at the press conference. (Photo: TN)
  • “As a footballer, I always generated these things in the clubs. Today I am on the other side of the line and it surprises me, there is a lot of expectation. At the same time calm, we are working hard and in the best way, always with the truth that is the most important thing”.
  • Yesterday at halftime it was rattling, it made me want to play (laughs), but when you are on the other side of the line the player dies, one begins to think differently and much colder. Today I am a technician, I like this profession, I enjoy it”
  • “My way of thinking has not changed, we come with a clear idea. We know that we have shortcomings as a team and we have to face them. The team is one local thing and another visitor thing, because of history it was like that. As a visitor the level dropswe have to give them tools so that does not happen”
  • “As a coach I only think about Central. I am grateful, I have the shirt as a coach. I’m going to earn the trust of the people with my work and with how the boys give me. I am happy to be here and to direct Rosario Central”.
  • Christian Bragnik He is a representative with many players and coaches, but he will not have any interference. The one who decides is me, no one is going to put a player on me or take him away from me”.
  • “This is integral: that the players have the codes and values ​​that we had before. Education is paramount”
  • “I couldn’t talk to Noodle (Di Maria)I hardly talk to my wife about the job I have. Hopefully (come on), who wouldn’t like it, especially with what it means for this institution. When I’m calmer I’ll call you. We know the hierarchy it has and it would be very good for the squad because of the experience it can give the youngsters”.

Carlos Tevez’s first training session in Rosario Central

After 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the squad went out on the field to train. Immediately, the players formed a circle and Tevez was in the center, sharing his first words with his clients. Then, the exercises began according to the planning.

The Apache wore the clothing of the Scoundrel for the first time.  (Photo: Rosario Central Press)
The Apache wore the clothing of the Scoundrel for the first time. (Photo: Rosario Central Press)

“The cycle of the Apache in Central began!” They celebrated from the club’s social networks, along with the first photo of the brand new DT with the Scoundrel’s clothing.

Tevez and Retegui were present on Monday night at the José Amalfitani stadium in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Liniers to witness the game in which Rosario Central lost 2-0 as a visitor against Vélez.

His first commitment will be next Friday, from 7:00 p.m., when the Canalla receives Gimnasia La Plata at the Gigante de Arroyito for the fifth date of the professional league.

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