Carlos Tevez, present in Vélez-Rosario Central.  (Photo: Télam/Luna Maximiliano)

Carlos Tevezwho will take over on Tuesday as coach of Central Rosarywas present this Monday to see the Scoundrel against Vélez in Liniers, in a duel corresponding to the fourth date of the Argentine Professional Soccer League.

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The Apache will take the position vacated by Leandro Somoza and will start his career as DT. Already involved in this new role, he decided to attend the José Amalfitani stadium and took a seat in one of the boxes.

Carlos Tevez, present in Vélez-Rosario Central. (Photo: Télam/Luna Maximiliano)

Carlos Tevez will take over as coach of Rosario Central on Tuesday

The vice president of Central, Ricardo Carloni, announced that Tevez will assume leadership of the campus on Tuesday. This appointment divided the rogue people: many celebrated this news, while others preferred that the position had fallen into the hands of Vitamin Sanchezman linked to the club.

In turn, behind the figure of the Apache is that of the representative and businessman Christian Bragnik. This would facilitate the arrival of reinforcements from the hierarchy, although some fear that this is undercover management and compromises the future of the club.

Uncertainty about the situation of Carlos “Chapa” Retegui

The idea was that Carlos Retegui, former coach of the men’s and women’s hockey teams, will be part of Tevez’s coaching staff. However, an inconvenience appeared: Chapa is the current Secretary of Sports of the City of Buenos Aires, which prevents him from assuming the position of technical assistant in Rosario Central.

Retegui asked for a license to solve this situation, but so far it has not been granted. If this request is not approved, should submit the resignation or resign this job offer that appeared in the world of football.

José Leudo, a reinforcement for Carlos Tevez’s Rosario Central

In the last few hours, Rosario Central made public the arrival of the Colombian midfielder Jose Leudo, from Patriotas Boyacá. The 28-year-old midfielder signed a contract with the Arroyito institution until December 2023.

It is the second incorporation in the current transfer market, since midfielder Francis Mac Allister, from Talleres de Córdoba, had previously joined.

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