Carolina Papaleo made a drastic change of look and stated: "I'm re tumbera"

Caroline Papaleo decided it was time for a makeover and he presented it both on the networks and in the program that he hosts on Saturdays with Julián Weich on the screen of El Nueve, I live for you. The actress surprised with a drastic change of image: Papaleo shaved her sides to achieve the mohawk cut, or “Mohican hairstyle”.

Upon entering the studio, he asked Weich, “Did you recognize me or not?”to which his colleague replied: “Yes. I see her strange…”. “Rare but on fire. Re lit ”, Papaleo retorted. “You go to the barber chair you have, and he started with the shave and what is going to be done to him”, he shared and added: “I don’t get tattoos, but I’m re tumbera”.

While he was speaking, the production played Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love” as a musical curtain to show him that they saw a resemblance to the remembered Swedish interpreter, Marie Frederickson. On the other hand, on his social networks Papaleo showed the step-by-step change of look, with images at the hairdresser and before going on the air with the program.

The last time the actress and host was in the spotlight was for the opinion she gave, in August of last year, on President Alberto Fernández’s management of the pandemic. In the midst of the scandal over Fabiola Yáñez’s controversial birthday photo, in full strict quarantine, several celebrities criticized the president’s actions. However, Papaleo came out to defend him and said she was very proud of how Fernández handled the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with Juan Etchegoyen for Miter Live, the driver praised the management of the President. “I think that what they never dreamed of is that such a world bomb would fall on you after four months of governing. When you already have the world in the same situation, it seems to me that it is like a nightmare and in front of the pandemic, I am a citizen who feels cared for”, he stated at the time, adding that the government had also helped the artists.

Carolina Papaleo praised Alberto Fernández’s management during the pandemic

“What I see is that nothing shines, for example with us actors. You have no idea how much money has been put for the actors and for the rest of the population as the IFE. The negotiation of bringing the vaccines. Thank God we are going to produce the second dose of the Sputnik”, expressed Papaleo.

“Being in the middle of the storm on a plane and without communication with the tower. You are in the middle of a storm flying and without the tools, without communication with the tower. The virus is mutating and you are creating expectations”, he stressed and added: “I take off my hat. You can plan a government and this changes the whole scenario for you, So I pity him and I wouldn’t want to be in those shoes.”

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