Carriers protest the lack of diesel and block the passage on the Bs.As.-La Plata highway with trucks: more than 5 km of delay

In the framework of national strike carried out by carriers in the wake of scarcity and surcharges in diesel, the demonstrators block the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway with trucks and prevent access to the city of Buenos Aires. The measure of force, which is replicated on different routes and points in the country, generates a traffic chaos and after 7 o’clock there were more than 5 kilometers of delay towards the capital, where there is only one lane released for emergencies.

“We are cutting the Buenos Aires-La Plata, Rosario-Córdoba and Buenos Aires-Rosario highways. There are also blockades in Tucumán and Santiago del Estero and we are going to cut more access to ports and centers”, he said in dialogue with miter radio one of the carriers on the highway and added: “We gave them time. It is not a new claim, it is historical. The increase in fuel is beyond power, the colleagues work together”.

Chaos on the La Plata-Buenos Aires highway

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