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Speaking to Radio Miter, the former deputy Elisa Carrio said this Saturday that “the vice president Cristina Kirchner he is committing constitutional crimes, what he is doing is an attempted coup d’état, while he anticipated that he will do another criminal complaint against the Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, Ricardo Lorenzetti, considering that “it operated to help Cristina’s project in the Council of the Magistrature, calling legislators to tell them that they advanced with the law because the other judges of the Court did not want that court to lead the Council of the Magistracy, which was lie and constitutes a very serious fact”.

“Lorenzetti used fraud and tried to use the opposition to collaborate with Cristina’s bill, which a judge cannot do,” stressed the leader of the Civic Coalition in dialogue with Marcelo Bonelli on Saturday Early, for miter radio. “Besides (from Kirchnerism) promote a lot of economic measures, such as this pension moratorium, with it they seek to defund the Government even more, they have already melted the Anses, and they want to generate inflation without measure”. Carrió also pointed to Judge Juan Ramos Padilla, who heads the campaign that part of the ruling party is carrying out trying to force the resignation of the members of the Supreme Court of Justice.

Cristina Kirchner in Chaco: “There are no fights in the Executive, what there is is a debate of ideas”

“He is committing constitutional crimes,” Carrió insisted in relation to Cristina Kirchner’s actions against Alberto Fernández. “It’s a government takeover, but governments don’t take over, This is called a coup that is, a fight between factions within a government,” he emphasized. “This is an alteration of the institutional order because Cristina Kirchner is dismissing the President,” he explained.

The former deputy criticized the way in which some Kirchnerist leaders are managing themselves: “What they are doing Larroque with a violence of language that is terrible, because one thing is to describe terrible events and another is to qualify people”. On the other hand, he anticipated: “We are going to make a political trial of Ramos Padilla Father, because you can’t call a march, you’re off all the rails of sanity.”

“Kirchnerism does not vote for the agreement with the Fund, they encourage demagogic measures that lead us to a disproportionate monetary issue… and I am not defending the Minister of Economy, but the measures of Kirchnerism make Argentina enter an inflationary process without measureif it continues like this, they are going to melt down Anses,” he lamented.

Elections 2023

“The single ballot it promotes equal opportunities, I have been fighting for this since 2009. The single ballot prevents electoral fraud”, stressed Carrió. “Cristina does not want it because she wants electoral fraud, because he is willing for his people to win in any way. One sees that in the Conurbano where their gangs work, “she said.

On the other hand, the leader of the Civic Coalition referred to social organizations that receive state subsidies: “There should be 5 to 10 years in prison for leaders of social movements who use the poor for political purposes.”

In relation to possible opposition candidates, Carrió avoided commenting on specific names, but celebrated that “Together for Change was ordered, fight for the republic and this path is important, we must continue on the path of the center“.

The drug trafficking route according to Carrió

“Synthetic drugs are the ones that are poisoning and killing and it is necessary to investigate who is selling these drugs,” began Elisa Carrió and pointed out that behind this business there may be “a network of fake laboratories, which financed Cristina’s 2007 campaign.” .

“Route 34 is the route created by the power to bring the drug from Rosario,” said the former deputy, adding: “The drug enters from Rosario to Moreno and from there it is distributed in Buenos Aires.” “Drug trafficking is throughout Argentina and unfortunately good police forces are not formed either and there is an absolute lack of respect for the police forces and in the name of Human Rights the human rights of a lot of people are run over,” she concluded.

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