Cars that customers are most satisfied with
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Analysts asked survey participants to rate their level of satisfaction with the purchase. The maximum number of points that each car brand could score was 1000. In the premium segment, the highest consumer rating – 833 points – was received by Alfa Romeo. In second place was Porsche with 831 points. In third place is Lexus with a score of 819. The average satisfaction score in this segment is 786.

In the mass segment, Buick buyers turned out to be the most satisfied car owners: 825 points. Followed by Dodge (816) and Subaru (804).

In general, the study showed that the buyer feels much happier if he pays less for a car. Those who bought a car for more than the recommended price by the manufacturer, on average, rated their satisfaction at 757 points. And those who stayed within the recommended price tag rated their purchase at an average of 850 points.

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