Casablanca Oktoberfest is controversial in Morocco

The Moroccan Oktoberfest, scheduled for October 28 in Casablanca, is the subject of an outcry, amplified by social networks. In a country where the state religion is Islam, Internet users express their categorical refusal to see the first Moroccan beer festival organized in the kingdom.

Claiming the cancellation of the event, the Forum for the Protection of Moroccan Identity has launched a petition having collected more than 22,000 signatures. The authors of the campaign consider the Moroccan Oktoberfest as “a heinous act that contradicts Islamic Sharia and Moroccan customs”. The Moroccan news site H24 cited one source, which describes a disregard for the general ideological climate: “This party has never been organized in an Arab or Muslim country where there is a great risk of hurting the feelings of the people.”

A vigorous campaign

Faced with the outcry calling for the “preservation of cultural values” and “Islamic character” of the country, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has

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