“Castastrophic”: Canada “misses the target” in the face of the housing crisis
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Is the Trudeau government doing enough to tackle Canada’s housing crisis? While National Housing Strategy set up by the federal government “will blow out its fifth birthday this month”, written in The duty Canadian housing advocate Marie-Josée Houle, its effectiveness is questioned.

“Promises kept? Not quite !” observes Marie-Josée Houle. According to a report published on November 15 by Auditor General Karen Hogan – whose role is equivalent to that of the Court of Auditors – the system is far from achieving its objectives. This report criticizes the Trudeau government in particular for not knowing “if the efforts made so far have improved” the situation of vulnerable Canadians.

With a budget of 72 billion Canadian dollars (52 billion euros) spread over ten years to solve the housing and homelessness crisis, the “promised to reduce core housing need and end homelessness by 2030,” recalls Marie-Josée Houle. The objective was in particular to build 160,000 social housing units.

“A ruthless real estate market”

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