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The story began more than a week ago, on November 16, with the publication of a post on a hacker forum authored by

offered the phone numbers of 487 million WhatsApp users for sale.

The tech portal Cybernews investigated whether the users’ data could really have been leaked – and it is assumed that it was. The portal managed to get in touch with the hacker selling the Whatsapp database, who shared with them almost 2,000 phone numbers from active British and American users, verifying the authenticity of the data.

And the portal checked one by one and confirmed that they are indeed all WhatsApp users.

So it looks like the hacker really got access to the users’ data, but it is not known how. THE In his Cybernews article it was written that the database offered by the hacker contained users from 84 countries.

The most users are Egyptian (45 million), Italian (35 million), American (32 million), Saudi (29 million), French (20 million) and Turkish (also 20 million). The portal also noted that Whatsapp has an estimated 2 billion active users who log into the program at least once a month. Cybernews also sent questions to Meta, the operator of WhatsApp, regarding the data leak, but they have not yet received a response.

The portal also suggested that the hacker who sold the data might have obtained the users’ data using the (unauthorized) data collection or “scraping” tool on web interfaces. However, this is just an assumption on their part, based on the fact that hackers most often access such data packages with this device. In addition, Cybersnews reminded that the same thing happened earlier in another Met├ís data breach, when the data of 533 million Facebook users fell into unauthorized hands.

A data leak also occurred at Revolut a few weeks ago, when the company also admitted that unauthorized users had access to user data as a result of a hacker attack.