Kali Uchi's response

After the scandal of Doja Cat and his sayings about the fans of Paraguay, Cazzu He gave his opinion through Instagram about the international artists who visit South America. In addition, he said that she was removed from a collaboration with kali uchis and accused her of being racist.

“This is very common for American artists who set foot outside of what they consider America” Cazzu said in his Instagram stories. He also pointed out that they do not understand the problems of South America.

Kali Uchis’s response (twitter/)

Finally, she remembered when she was accused of racism and took direct aim at Jennifer ParkerAfro-Argentine activist, for having defamed her and, because of that, she was unable to do a collaboration with Kali Uchis and Rico Nasty.

For her part, Jennifer Parker replied to the woman from Jujuy: “Locate yourself or I’ll locate you.” While Kali Uchis maintained that she did not know her or know who the Argentine activist was.

Doja Cat’s controversial sayings about her fans from Paraguay

After his presentation at Lollapalooza Argentina 2022, Doja Cat He traveled to Paraguay to be part of the Asunciónico, a festival that was canceled due to a strong storm. The rapper complained on her Twitter account because the fans did not wait for her at the hotel door to say goodbye.

In the first message that she later deleted, Doja Cat complained that there was no “not one person outside the hotel” waiting for her. “Not even one” he added in another tweet that he also deleted.

Later, a follower replied that they waited a whole day in front of the hotel, in the rain, and that the artist did not come out or talk about it and Doja counterattacked: “I regret all the time I spent getting ready that day for the show that I was breaking my back every day to give to you guys, but God bless.”

When she was designated as “public enemy # 1” of Paraguay, the rapper assured “I’m not sorry” and stated that she will not take photos with anyone else after this tour.

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