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CDL President is the new Capital Development Secretary

Adelaido Vila accepted the mayor's invitation after receiving support from the trade.  (Photo: Kísie Ainoã/Archive)


Mayor invited Adelaido Vila to assume a position that had been vacant for almost a month

By Adriel Mattos | 05/05/2022 08:31

Adelaido Vila accepted the mayor’s invitation after receiving support from the trade. (Photo: Kísie Ainoã/Archive)

The mayor of Campo Grande, Adriane Lopes (Patriot), invited the president of the CDL (Chamber of Shopkeepers), Adelaido Vila, to head Sidagro (Municipal Secretariat for Innovation, Economic Development and Agribusiness). He will be sworn in on Friday (6), at the City Hall.

The portfolio was without a titleholder since April 11, when Rodrigo Terra asked for his resignation to integrate the pre-campaign to the state government of former mayor Marquinhos Trad (PSD). Adriane had ruled out hiring the assistant Mara Bethânia Gurgel last week.

To the Campo Grande News, Adelaido commented that the mayor invited him to the post, but decided to accept after receiving support from the trade. “We talked this week, and we saw that it was favorable for the sector to take on this challenge, for economic strengthening and taking the demands to the public service,” he said.

The new secretary must reconcile work at the CDL with the secretary. “There will be no incompatibility, as the position [na CDL] it’s voluntary. There will only be a few adjustments,” he assured.

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