Cecília Müller: Summer will be free

According to Cecília Müller, we should be sincerely pleased that we are witnessing a continuous, trendy decrease in the number of cases in Hungary. As in other European countries, the number of coronavirus positives is declining.

The number of infections detected is 13 percent lower than last week, and in Covid the number of deaths has also decreased. According to the chief medical officer, we are looking forward to a free summer. Cecília Müller no longer expects a bigger wave for the autumn.

It is much more likely that covid will turn into a seasonal illness, as we have seen with influenza. With the mutations in the virus, its infectivity increased, but at the same time the course of the disease itself became milder.

Variants 4, 5 or X described by the literature have not yet been detected in Hungary – said the chief medical officer of TV2 Mocha as a guest on. Minor virus changes will not be enough to explode another large wave.

World Handwashing Day

May 5 is World Handwashing Day, the right method of which would be welcome if as many people as possible knew it. In a few hours, 500,000 pathogens can settle on our hands. Some of the bacteria are natural elements of the skin flora, while others can cause disease. When washing hands, we typically omit the back of the hand, the fingertips, and the thumb.

(Cover image: Müller Cecília. Photo: Mónus Márton / MTI)

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