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Celina Rucci suffered an assault while having breakfast in Palermo and offers a reward to recover her documents

Celina Rucci came to visit the country (Photo: Instagram / celinarucciok).

Celina Rucci, who has been living in the United States for some time, came to visit the country. Nevertheless, his stay was overshadowed by a criminal act. The artist recounted the episode and asked for help to recover her belongings.

In telephone communication with the afternoon of the ninth (the nine), the actress said that everything happened while having breakfast with her husband, the doctor from Rosario Federico Girardiin a bar palermo.

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“A car stopped, they asked us for a street and I took out my phone to Google it. She told me ‘no, she’s done, she’s done’. She started and from behind me came a person who had sat down camouflaged and in the images you can see how my white bag goes with the man”, He recounted while showing the images of the security cameras.

Celina Rucci came to visit the country (Photo: Instagram / celinarucciok).

Among the things that They took away his ID and his passport. Then she reflected: “On top of that, you feel guilty and ask yourself ‘Is it my fault because I had my passport in my wallet?’ No, stop a bit, I’m not guilty. The fault lies with the person who is stealing, stealing in this case.”

After the fact of insecurity, Rucci asked for the cameras and called the police. “Let’s stop normalizing these thingsbecause the portfolio matters three hells, the papers too, but there are cameras, there are tools and hopefully all this is for them to use, because I don’t know if it’s like that, “he said.

Celina Rucci asked for help in networks to recover her documents

After the bad drink, Celina Rucci turned to her social networks -where she has more than 100 thousand followers- and He asked for help to recover his belongings.

Celina Rucci offers a reward for your documentation.  (Photo: Instagram / celinarucciok)
Celina Rucci offers a reward for your documentation. (Photo: Instagram / celinarucciok)

“They stole my wallet with all the documents. It was having breakfast in Palermo, Dorrego 1700 ″, she commented. And he added: “I offer a reward if they discard my documents.”

Then, in another Instagram story, he insisted: “If they find some documents (passport/DNI) in the name of María Celina Rucci, write to my account and they will be rewarded. Thank you!”.

The moving post by Celina Rucci, one year after the diagnosis of leukemia: “I learned to get rid of the concepts of perfection”

Celina Rucci was very happy on social networks. Nevertheless, in March 2021 he said he had leukemia. One year after receiving the diagnosis, made a post with your balance: spoke of the importance of not giving up, of the lessons learned and sending a hopeful message to those who are going through the same thing.

The actress shared two photos and wrote, “Today is a very special day for me and all my loved ones. A year ago, my life changed completely. I was diagnosed with Leukemia and I was hospitalized urgently, running the risk of not knowing if I would be able to go out again and see my family, friends, work or simply live.”

Her balance one year after being diagnosed with leukemia. (Photo: Instagram celinarucciok)

“I clung so closely to my convictions that I faced it as if it were one more test that gives you this great learning that is to live”, he assured. In this sense, she admitted that she was afraid and anxious, but said that he fought those feelings with laughter and humor because he proposed to live each day as unique and incomparable.

Then he listed each of the learnings. “I found that so many simple, everyday things excited me that I might not have noticed before,” she said. “I learned that there are beautiful, generous people who touch your soul, but they don’t get as much press as the dark souls that live among us,” he added.

Reflection and balance one year after being diagnosed with leukemia. (Photo: Capture)

“Also I learned to get rid of the concepts of perfection, I saw myself in front of the mirror peeled, swollen and sore but I smiled with happiness because I could tell everyone that I loved them and that was something magical”, he was sincere.

After affirming that he decided to play the best game with the cards he was dealt, he concluded: “Here nobody wins and nobody loses, It’s just about changing the look of the world. We must all learn something and try to be united, the laps give a lot of life”.

by way of closure she thanked her husband for accompanying her and not let her fall, to her parents and children who always gave her a share of Faith, to her friends who always made her smile and to her followers who take care of her haters and remind him of stories.

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